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Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel shutting down to eliminate the last backward production capacity

2019-04-24 31人瀏覽

It is understood that Baotou Iron and Steel Works square meter belt roaster was built and put into operation on June 29, 1973. The equipment

The total export volume of Taiyuan iron and steel products has doubled.

2019-04-24 31人瀏覽

Despite the continued downturn, the world's largest stainless steel producer, Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group, has doubled its exports by 105%

The main business of Tianjin steel tube group has carried out many environmental protection transformations on the steel production site.

2018-10-26 31人瀏覽

Recently, the main steel pipe industry has implemented a number of environmental protection reforms in accordance with the requirement of the group company that "adhere to

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