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The first steelmaking plant of TISCO strengthens market awareness and quality

2019-04-24 31人瀏覽

After the special meeting on variety quality of TISCO was held, the management cadres of No. 1 Steelmaking Plant immediately organized

Tongsteel company reduces the cost of pig iron and achieves substantial results.

2018-10-26 31人瀏覽

In November, Tonggang achieved results in tackling key problems of reducing pig iron cost, with the cost per ton of iron reduced by 27.9 yuan

Wuhan Iron and Steel shares 48 billion 500 million related transaction case retrial passed

2018-10-26 31人瀏覽

Towards the end of recent years, the daily related party transaction bill of 2014 after the adjustment of WISCO shares was finally passed at the

Changzhou power supply company has successfully promoted the signing of Zhongtian iron and steel waste heat power generation project

2018-10-26 31人瀏覽

Today (30) morning, by Changzhou Power Supply Company to promote the sintering machine waste heat utilization contract energy management

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